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Watch Ryan Reynolds reunite with ‘Just Friends’ co-star for Aviation Gin

Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Just Friends’ Mini-Sequel for American Aviation Gin came on Thanksgiving

By Web Desk
November 21, 2023
Ryan Reynolds starred with Amy Smart in Just Friends
Ryan Reynolds starred with Amy Smart in 'Just Friends'

Ryan Reynolds reunited with his Just Friends co-star for an American Aviation Gin mini-sequel.

In honour of Aviation American Gin's 18th anniversary, Just Friends actors Reynolds, 47, and Amy Smart, 47, reprised their respective parts as Chris and Jamie. 

In the Just Friendsgiving commercial, which debuted on Monday, November 20, Reynolds, a co-owner of the liquor company, asks Smart about her day as she looks at their festive Christmas décor.

“I’ve had better days … The bar ran out of Aviation American Gin,” Smart tells Reynolds while holding a handle of the liquor.

Reynolds calmly replies with a smile, “Oh no, that’s so bad. That’s terrible.”

After that, Smart gives the director the order to cut the scene, exposing the two of them in front of a green screen. “This is weird”, she remarks.

“When we get to post, it’ll be our home, I promise you it’s gonna look just fine,” Reynolds tells her, reassuring her, “I think we should try it again.”

Restarting the scene, Smart tells Reynolds once more that the tavern ran out of gin. He comically switches to "f—k" in his sentence, which makes Smart yell "cut" once more. She chuckles, "That was a really big reaction."

“Well, it’s been 18 years, I think the characters have changed a bit, so let’s go one more time,” Reynolds responds, to which Smart replies, “I guess.”

They try the sequence again, but Smart leaves the set when she finds out it's merely an advertisement for Reynolds' gin rather than a "self-funded sequel." Upon hearing, Reynolds yell, "Never work with your hero," Smart responds, "You're not my f—king hero."

Later, the pair makes a comeback to blow each other a kiss and wish viewers a happy Thanksgiving.

Almost twenty years have passed since the two costarred in the 2005 movie, in which Reynolds's character Chris tries to break free from his friendship with Jamie, Smart's character, who has been his lifelong buddy and old crush.