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Britney Spears believes Jamie Lynn eager to take ‘revenge’ from her

Britney Spears expresses her concerns after Jamie Lynn made her debut on I’m A Celebrity

November 20, 2023
Britney Spears suspicious of Jamie Lynns debut at the time of her memoir release
Britney Spears suspicious of Jamie Lynn's debut at the time of her memoir release

Britney Spears has recently expressed her concerns after her younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears made her debut on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

A source spilled to New magazine, “Britney is suspicious of the timing of Jamie Lynn’s debut.”

“She sees this as a cynical plot to take revenge by airing their dirty laundry in public,” revealed an insider.

Source told the outlet, “Britney is terrified of what Jamie Lynn might say and keeps saying this will be the end of their relationship if she attacks her on the show.”

For the unversed, Britney talked about her relationship with Jamie Lynn in her tell-all memoir, The Woman In Me.

“My little sister – well, when I tell you she was a total (expletive) I'm not exaggerating. It was clear that girl ruled the roost. Meanwhile, it was like I was a ghost child,” penned the songstress.

Britney also disclosed that her younger sister became a trustee of her conservatorship back in 2018 and instead of helping her out, Jamie texted the singer and told her “to stop fighting it”.

Britney wrote in her memoir, “As I was fighting the conservatorship and receiving a lot of press attention, she was writing a book capitalising on it. She rushed out salacious stories about me, many of them hurtful and outrageous. I was really let down.”

“Shouldn't sisters be able to confess their fear or vulnerability to each other without that later being used as evidence of instability?” added Britney.