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Prince William still fosters 'deep love' for Prince Harry despite rift

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly itching for an invite from King Charles to spend Christmas together

By Web Desk
November 20, 2023

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Prince William and Prince Harry rift doesn’t seem to be defrosting anytime soon.

Speaking to Fabulous, former BBC correspondent Jennie Bond reflected on the prospect of the Prince of Wales welcoming his estranged brother with open arms in time for the holidays.

And though the absence of the Spare author will be “painfully obvious” at the family gathering on Christmas, which is held at Sandringham every year, the future King “won’t be shedding a tear“.

“Deep down, I’m sure he still loves Harry, but I don’t think he can see a way out of the rift that has opened between them,” shared Bond.

The expert went on to note that William’s hurt and anger stems from Harry’s unprecedented attacks on his wife, Kate Middleton.

“I think he is still deeply hurt by Harry and Meghan’s attacks, particularly on Catherine,” Bond explained. That is a no go area as far as William is concerned and he is understandably very protective of his wife, who was once regarded by Harry as ‘the sister he never had’.

The father of Prince George is also wary of letting his brother in on family gatherings due to his evidently awful track record of being untrustworthy.

“There are very few people that any member of the royal family can trust, but they always hope that they can trust one another. It’s the tightest of closed circles,” the royal expert noted.

“But Harry has driven a coach and horses through that sibling trust. He has revealed William’s private thoughts and conversations - or at least Harry’s version of them - and that will be extremely hard to forgive, and impossible to forget,” she added.