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Princess Charlene appears ‘distant’ next to Prince Albert during Monaco celebration

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II are reportedly going through marital troubles

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November 19, 2023
Princess Charlene stuns in red for Monaco’s National Day celebrations
Princess Charlene stuns in red for Monaco’s National Day celebrations

Princess Charlene is celebrating Monaco’s National Day alongside Prince Albert II as they arrived at St Nicholas Cathedral for the Te Deum mass on Sunday morning.

The outing came after a French newspaper, Voici, reported that the Prince of Monaco has a formal agreement with Princess Charlene in which she will be offered “12 million euros per year” in exchange for attending joint events.

The couple, who appeared distant amid rumours of marital woes, was also accompanied by Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie, via GB News.

Charlene was a vision in red as she was dressed in a red beret which complemented her red coat, red dress, red knee-length boots and sleek red gloves. The royal was also wearing ruby cluster earrings featuring white diamonds, a nod to the country’s flag which carries red and white hues.

The National Day of Monaco, also known as The Sovereign Prince's Day, is currently celebrated each year on November 19.

Meanwhile, Prince Albert was dressed in his uniform for the event. The day is significant for the Prince as he officially took the throne on November 19.

Prince Albert also issued a statement on the importance of stability for prosperity, despite the ongoing rumours of troubles in his marriage.

“We are evolving in an international environment with multiple crises and it is important for everyone to be aware of the implications of these new challenges with responsibility and realism,” he said, talking about the country’s issues.