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Abhishek Bachchan expresses 'disbelief' over director Sanjay Gadhvi's death

'Dhoom' film director Sanjay Gadhvi passed away due to cardiac arrest

By Anika Khan
November 19, 2023
Abhishek Bachchan remembers Dhoom director late Sanjay Gadhvi in heartfelt tribute
Abhishek Bachchan remembers 'Dhoom' director late Sanjay Gadhvi in heartfelt tribute

Abhishek Bachchan penned an emotional note following the sudden demise of Sanjay Gadhvi, director of the famous Bollywood movie, Dhoom.

Bachchan, who has also worked in the film, took to his Instagram handle and recalled some beautiful memories attached with the late director. 

The actor shared a photo of Gadhvi, taken during the shooting of Dhoom 2 in South Africa.

Expressing his disbelief, Bachchan wrote, "Sanju, when I spoke to you last week and we were reminiscing about our shoots and memories I would never have imagined even in my craziest dreams that I would have to write a post like this."

He further added that the late filmmaker had faith in him, even when he didn’t. The actor added, "You gave me my first ever hit!!! I can never ever forget that or be able express what it meant to me. 

"I will cherish your friendship always. Rest in peace my brother," the actor concluded. 

As per reports, the Indian director died during his morning walk on November 19, 2023. He was 57.

Medical experts claimed that the writer passed away due to cardiac arrest.