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Meghan Markle's acting coach in shock over Duchess of Sussex's transformation

Meghan Markle worked with Margie Haber before starring in Suits

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November 19, 2023
Meghan Markles acting coach Margie Haber worked with major faces like Brad Pitt
Meghan Markle's acting coach Margie Haber worked with major faces like Brad Pitt  

Meghan Markle's acting coach unveiled what it was like for working with the Duchess of Sussex before she became famous.

Margie Haber, who worked with the likes of famous faces like Brad Pitt and Tiffany Haddish, spoke to InStyle and mused over realising that her former student was now a global face and on top of it all, royalty. 

"We never know what people are going to become, do we?" she said. 

Haber also candidly recalled about working with her, as she said that they first met before Meghan's work in Suits and added that the Duchess of Sussex was "a really nice person" to work with. 

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She recalled working with the duchess: "It was just before Suits and I was teaching auditioning for film and television, so she was in class for that.

"She was a really nice person, who was a really good actress and I just helped her create … but didn't know what she would become later in life!"