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Jada Pinkett Smith strongly reacts to Ana Navarro’s criticism over ‘emasculating’ Will Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith asks Ana Navarro to read her memoir from cover to cover in Breakfast Club show

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November 17, 2023
Jada Pinkett Smith responds to Ana Navarros comments: read the book and not the headlines
Jada Pinkett Smith responds to Ana Navarro's comments: 'read the book and not the headlines'

Jada Pinkett Smith has recently responded to Ana Navarro’s criticism for “emasculating” Will Smith by dishing out their marital issues in her memoir, Worthy.

Earlier, Ana slammed Jada on The View for giving out private, embarrassing information about her relationship with Will in her new book.

“Why do I know so much about these people's marriage? I kind of feel like I know more about their marriage than I know about my own marriage! I think she's having a relationship with her bank account,” asked the co-host.

Ana noted, “Every time she needs to increase the ratings of The Red Table, every time she needs to sell books, she drops these bombshells. I find it unseemly.”

After Ana’s remarks on the show, Jada spoke up on latest episode of The Breakfast Club.

“Well, I think if she took time to read the book… I think that if you wanna just read headlines, I could see how that could be confusing. But the book is right here,” replied the Bad Moms actress.

Jada stated, “People have a right to their opinions. I always know that anybody who's saying that hasn't really done their homework.”

“But you gotta expect it too because of what the headlines are, what 'clickbait' is. Will knows what it is, I know what it is, my kids know what it is, and, more importantly, Great Supreme does too. That's really all I'm concerned with at the end of the day,” pointed out Girls Trip actress.

In the end, Jada added, “I let it go. Because let me tell you — I've been there. I'm not gonna sit up here and act like I haven't. I've been there, thinking I know based on headlines. I have no judgement because I've been there.”