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Gerard Pique breaks silence on split with Shakira

Shakira and soccer star Gerard Piqué announced their split in June 2022 after 11 years together

November 11, 2023
Gerard Pique breaks silence on split with Shakira
Gerard Pique breaks silence on split with Shakira

For the past year and a half, Shakira and Gerard Pique's breakup has been one of the most talked-about subjects since they declared their separation.

Since then, the singer has used a variety of mediums to express herself, music being among them. A direct message to the former athlete and his current partner Clara Chia, the session with Argentinian producer Bizarrap became an international hit.

But up until now, the former Spain international has said nothing.

Pique finally discusses her breakup with Shakira

Gerard Pique has now decided to speak up about the entire affair with his ex-partner.

During an interview on the Catalan radio station "Rac1," host Jordi Baste asked the Spaniard about everything that had transpired with the Colombian artist.

About their breakup, Pique remarked, "People don't know ten percent of what really happened," and that "they are basing themselves on information that is mostly not real."

"If I had given importance to everything that was said about me, I would be locked in my flat or I would have thrown myself off the sixth floor....

"The only way to get out of all this alive is simply ignore everything."

Additionally, the Catalan stated that he no longer considers anything but his relationship with Clara Chía, his career pursuits, and maintaining a "private" personal life.

Ultimately, he called everything that transpired following his split from Shakira "a circus," even though he acknowledges that, as a well-known figure in the media, "it is part of the show."