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Prince Harry appears to ‘mock’ King Charles with a new PR strategy

Prince Harry made a snub to estranged father King Charles after he wasn't invited to his 75th birthday

By Web Desk
November 08, 2023

Prince Harry appears to be making strategic moves against his father King Charles amid their ongoing feud.

The Duke of Sussex made his comedy standup debut for Stand Up For Heroes in New York just a day before the King delivered his first speech as monarch at the Parliament.

According to PR expert Matt Yanofsky, Charles’ younger son is trying to “generate tabloid questions” to create chatter.

Yanofsky told The Mirror Harry’s tongue-in-cheek jokes at the event look like a PR tactic.

“It’s a smart PR play on Harry’s part because the bad rap on him is he’s too serious. He’s the world’s biggest poor little rich boy,” the expert explained. “Mocking his preciousness is exactly what his public relations needs.”

Prince Harry appears to ‘mock’ King Charles with a new PR strategy

Regarding the timing of the event, Yanofky suggested that it was a calculated move.

“With that said, his team likely dropped it around the same time as the king’s speech because they knew it would generate tabloid questions about the timing amplifying the reach of the video and therefore the chatter about Prince Harry.”