Thursday February 29, 2024

Prince Harry takes quick dig at himself: 'endangered species'

Prince Harry made fun of himself at Stand Up For Heroes monologue

November 07, 2023

Prince Harry, 39, playfully poked fun at himself in a humorous comedy clip created for Stand Up For Heroes.

The video was shot at his £12 million residence in Montecito and featured him donning four British military medals.

Additionally, he sported a Royal British Legion poppy on his suit jacket.

The prince continually made fun of himself while recording the monologue, which he revealed at the Stand Up For Heroes comedy event in New York Friday night, calling himself and other people with ginger hair "endangered species."

He also made a quip about life in California, joking his life is no longer scrutinised. Starting his script, he said: "Hello New York. Obviously, I was deeply honoured when Bob asked me to debut my stand-up act with you all tonight."

He later added: "Due to the shockingly low representation of gingers last year, and out of respect for my fellow endangered species, here I am, reporting for duty. As someone who never gets scrutinised, I haven't even had to prepare much."

Harry continued: "But out of an abundance of caution, I have been working on this particular act for quite some time and everyone I know tells me it's perfect. And no, these aren't people who just tell me what I want to hear, these are people like my finance manager, my lawyer, and of course, my reiki healer."

British comedian Jimmy Carr served as the event's presenter, and performers included Bruce Springsteen and Tracy Morgan. Hollywood star Tom Hanks was also present.

It was the seventeenth iteration of the yearly fundraiser intended to benefit military personnel. It happened in New York City at the Lincoln Centre.