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Pete Davidson kicks out venue employee for violating no-phone policy at show

Pete Davidson 'pays $10,000 to lock up your phones' takes no-nonsense approach to show

By Web Desk
November 04, 2023

Pete Davidson left the audience in stitches during his comedy gig at City Winery on Thursday night. 

The star, known for his witty humor and no-nonsense approach, couldn't resist but call out a staff member who dared to breach the no-phone policy.

As the show was in full swing, Davidson spotted the rogue employee using their phone, and without missing a beat, he interrupted his set with a cheeky shout of, "F**k you!" according to a keen-eyed eyewitness. 

Not one to mince words, Davidson then summoned his security guard to escort the phone-wielding staff member out, all while playfully quipping that he "pays $10,000 to lock up your phones."

But that wasn't the end of the laughs; Davidson swiftly resumed his performance,  moving past the incident without dwelling on it further. 

It appears that even the unexpected moments can become a part of the show. And as for his personal life, it's worth noting that Pete Davidson is currently dating Madelyn Cline.

At his recent gig in the bustling City Winery, Davidson dished out a comedic feast that spanned various topics, from his struggles with addiction to witty jests about his quest for "good press" following a car accident earlier this year. 

The demand for Davidson's humor was so high that he performed not once but twice on that memorable evening. T