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Prince Harry reduced to 'snooze-fest': 'A complete misery'

The Duke of Sussex has seemingly lost his charm after marrying Meghan Markle

By Web Desk
October 30, 2023

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Prince Harry has been called a ‘snooze-fest’ after the Duke of Sussex’s lackluster career in Hollywood failed to carry on his royal charm.

Broadcaster Esther Krauke spoke to Sky News host Caroline Di Russo and said that the Spare author and his wife Meghan Markle were reduced to the Kardashians who are known for being "famous for nothing".

Contrasting this with the Duke of Sussex’s former life as a working royal, Krauke noted that Prince Harry was known as "an interesting character" but had lost his spark after marrying the Suits actress.

"Prince Harry, as a member of the royal family when he was an active working member, was quite an interesting character," Krauke said.

"He had all these stories, the Royal Family actually humanised him, he was the fun-loving ginger guy that everyone loved to be around.

"Since he has been married, he has been a complete bore, a complete misery, snooze-fest even."