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Prince George to rock the monarchy ahead of 'impending fight'

Kate Middleton and Prince William are burderened with changing the course of monarchy in future with one move

By Web Desk
October 26, 2023

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Prince George has been tipped to revolutionise the monarchy should Prince William and Kate Middleton decide against sending him to Eton.

The Prince and Princess of Wales have reportedly been going back and forth over the impending decision to choose their eldest son’s school for higher studies.

The mom-of-three caused a disruption in the Royal Family’s plans to send George to Eton with her visit to her alma mater, Marlborough College, last week.

Her secret visit raised speculations that she might be considering sending George there after all, making him the first ever King to attend a co-ed school.

Royal author Daniela Elser argued that the prospective move will not only be beneficial for George to mingle with students from diverse cultural and ethnical backgrounds, it will be just as favorable for Britons in long term.

“The boy will one day have to serve as a unifying figure for, by then, probably more than 100 million Britons who will come from an incredibly varied range of ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds,” she wrote in a column for

According to the institution’s website, students come from “42 countries, represent 36 nationalities, with 15 languages spoken at home,” whereas Eton famously caters to the elite coterie of students.

“If George is signed on to be a member of the class of 2031 he will be the first sovereign in the 956 years since Normans showed the Saxons what-for to be educated alongside not only boys but girls and maybe even non-binary teens,” Elser continued.

“It would be a small step for a 13-year-old with an incipient fight on his hands with acne but a major step for the monarchy,” the expert added.