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Netflix acquires Jennifer Lawrence's raunchy comedy 'No Hard Feelings'

Jennifer Lawrence starring 'No Hard Feelings' was released on June 23, 2023

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October 24, 2023
Netflix acquires Jennifer Lawrences raunchy comedy No Hard Feelings
Netflix acquires Jennifer Lawrence's raunchy comedy 'No Hard Feelings'

No Hard Feelings, an R-rated comedy starring Jennifer Lawrence, is now available on Netflix following its success at the movie office this summer.

In the movie, Lawrence is hired by a couple to engage their socially awkward son in a romantic encounter before he heads off to college.

This film, which hit theaters in June has garnered praise for its humor heartfelt storyline and Lawrence's exceptional performance.

According to The New York Times, No Hard Feelings is an unexpectedly touching comedy that explores themes of sex, love and personal growth.

The publication further added that the star shines brilliantly in the role. She effortlessly brings her trademark charm and wit to the character of Maddie while also showcasing depth and vulnerability.

Andrew Barth Feldman co stars as Percy, the awkward son whom Maddie is tasked with seducing. Feldman delivers a portrayal and shares remarkable chemistry with Lawrence.

For fans of Jennifer Lawrence and comedic films, with content No Hard Feelings is highly recommended. It's a yet heartwarming movie that will leave you longing for more.

Apart from receiving acclaim the movie has also performed well at the box office earning more than $86 million globally.

With its release on Netflix the film is expected to reach an audience and solidify its position, as a beloved cult classic.