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Prince Harry clashes with Meghan Markle over relocation to New York City

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited New York City last week for a Mental Health summit, five months after the 'car chase'

By Web Desk
October 19, 2023

Prince Harry appears to have his sight set on a different city much to the frustration of his wife, Meghan Markle.

The couple visited New York City last week for a Mental Health summit; and the brief visit seemed to have enamoured the Duke of Sussex enough to dream his future home there.

According to a source cited by Heat Magazine, Harry “feels so much more at home” in NYC and he “really wants to move.”

However, Harry’s inclination towards the Big Apple is becoming a dividing point with the former Suits actress who “can’t imagine leaving.”

“Meghan’s so happy to be back in California, she can’t imagine leaving,” the source said, adding that it was “Hollywood all the way” for the Duchess.

“It would make zero sense to move, and she’s frustrated Harry won’t let this go.”

The development comes five months after the Sussexes were involved in an alleged “near catastrophic car chase” with the paparazzi, which eventually was followed by a string of business collapses, starting with the Spotify deal in mid-June.

However, despite the experience that he has had, Harry still has NYC “on his mind” and is determined to make it his new home.