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Meghan Markle, Prince William put on ‘fire’ after ‘humiliating’ Spotify cancellation

Spotify podcast cancellation marks the start of downfall of Meghan Markle and Prince William’s popularity

By Web Desk
October 14, 2023

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Prince William and Meghan Markle tried their best to save their $20 million Spotify deal.

Meghan Markle's Spotify podcast was terminated back in June after just one season.

The decision was a huge shock, especially in light of the months of publicity the project had received and the A-list celebrities Meghan had been able to invite as guests.

However, the Sussexes have remained silent on the “humiliating” matter and changed the narrative by focusing the most of their current time and energy on charitable causes.

“The Sussexes haven’t talked about it publicly,” a source reported In Touch magazine. “But it was humiliating for them both.”

The source does point out that Harry and Meghan's careers may have undergone a significant turning point as a result of that setback.

Meghan's decision to contract with the renowned WME talent agency suggests that the couple is currently working with a newfound sense of purpose.

The source told the outlet that “the Spotify failure put a fire under both of them to keep moving forward.”

It appears like Meghan won't be making a comeback to acting anytime soon, despite speculations to the contrary (and reports of a Suits reboot).

Instead, the WME partnership will concentrate on drawing attention to the duchess' charitable initiatives and upcoming commercial ventures.