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Cardi B's stern warning to 'haters' after Kanye West's bogus comments

Cardi B advised haters to let her mind her business otherwise internet would be in shambles

By Web Desk
October 03, 2023

Cardi B in response to Kanye West calling her an "Illuminati plant" has sent a strong warning to her "haters."

The WAP rapper pleaded with viewers to leave her alone so she could concentrate on her music during an Instagram live session. She also alluded to having documentation ("receipts") that would cause online commotion.

The singer started the video message by telling her detractors to stay away from her "because I come with receipts." Even further, she declared that she would leave the internet in "shambles."

She continued: "It will be crazy, so let me keep it cute. I have matured, keep me there. And I won't just say it out my mouth, I literally got real receipts with dates. So leave me alone, because y'all not gonna be ready for that. [sic]"

Although it's unclear to whom the diatribe is addressed, Kanye is widely believed to be the most likely candidate, it appears to be directed at more than one individual.

"Let me mind my business, let me keep working, let me be a mom, let me keep putting music out. Don't try to bring Belcalis [Cardi B's real name] out," she added.

"Love Cardi B, don't bring Belcalis. Leave me there, ok?"

The 30-year-old Cardi B previously addressed Kanye West's claims that she was an "Illuminati plant" in an unaired 2018 documentary.

She responded by quoting West's comments from 2022, in which he had declared his faith in her, saying, "I always believed in her."