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Game of Thrones Joseph Gatt appear in court on Child Abuse charge following year-long saga

Game of Thrones Joseph Gatt faces legal proceedings alongside girlfriend Mercy Malick

By Web Desk
October 03, 2023
Joseph Gatt of Game of Thrones is accused of child sex-offense.
Joseph Gatt of Game of Thrones is accused of child sex-offense.

Game of Thrones actor Joseph Gatt faced charges of engaging in se*ually explicit online conversations with a minor in Los Angeles criminal courtroom appearance on Monday.

Joseph Gatt recognized for his distinctive bald look arrived alongside his longtime girlfriend, actress, and writer Mercy Malick.

Gatt, renowned for his role as Thenn Warg in the HBO fantasy series, currently remains out on bail following his arrest on an outstanding felony warrant for "contact with a minor for a se*ual offense" in April 2022. 

The case was presided over by Judge Enrique Monguia of the LA Superior Court, who announced that the hearing would resume on December 4. 

The decision to continue the case stemmed from a statement by prosecutor Michael Fern, who indicated that further discovery was required for the proceedings to advance. 

It's been a year and a half since Joseph Gatt's arrest in Los Angeles, a pivotal moment that led to a thorough search of his home by officers from the Juvenile Division and the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force, armed with a search warrant. 

The actor also faced a second charge of felony possession of an assault weapon.

Throughout subsequent court appearances, Gatt consistently pleaded not guilty to both charges.

While he was granted bail set at $5,000, certain restrictions were imposed upon him.