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King Charles ‘powerless’ to make a move against Prince Harry

Prince Harry appears to hold a key position in royal family much to King Charles' dismay

By Web Desk
October 02, 2023

Despite being the monarch, King Charles appears to be powerless given the circumstances created between him and son Prince Harry.

The Duke of Susssex is still one of the Counsellors of States, meaning if his father is ever ill or out of the country, he could be summoned to take on royal duties. However, a major prerequisite of the position is for the royal to have a permanent residence in UK.

Given that Harry and Meghan were evicted from their Windsor home, Frogmore Cottage in June, by law, the Duke should have been removed from the list. 

However, according to reports, the King did have the chance to remove him with the Counsellor of State legislation last year, but chose not to.

There also has been speculation that Charles might offer his younger son a property to overcome this legal problem, although the Palace snubbed the rumours stating “claims are not true.”

King Charles ‘powerless’ to make a move against Prince Harry
King Charles ‘powerless’ to make a move against Prince Harry 

Moreover, a friend of the King told The Sunday Times that the reason Harry still holds the position is because removing him ”would be seen as an act of antagonism and he does not want to do that.”

The friend added, “If, as a consequence of that, somewhere on the royal estate needs to be earmarked as a pied-à-terre for his son, that seems a reasonable thing to do.”