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Kate Middleton teases new monarchy era by publicly violating royal protocols

Kate Middleton breached long-standing rules a royal must stand by during her royal engagements last week

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October 02, 2023
Kate Middleton visited sensory development classes last week
Kate Middleton visited sensory development classes last week 

Kate Middelton suggested a prospective shake-up in the monarchy by breaking some long-standing rules during her royal engagements last week.

The Princess of Wales is said to have breached the traditional royal protocols twice over the last week; one with her choice of hairstyle and the other, getting candid about her pregnancy struggles.

The future Queen stepped out in a red Zara blazer, which she paired with a casual low bun while visiting a sensory development class in Kent on Wednesday, Sept. 27.

The future Queen also didn’t shy away from talking about a rare health condition she suffered during her pregnancy in a conversation with a father of a special needs child.

Kate revealed she also suffered from severe sickness and vomiting, known as hyperemesis gravidarum, when Steve Ikebuwa, a father-of-four, detailed his wife’s diagnosis.

As per principles, a royal’s hair must be kept neat and natural, a stipulation which could range from keeping it open or tie it up into a ponytail.

It has previously been suggested that the late Queen Elizabeth was not fond of discussing pregnancies, and even disliked using the actual word itself.

She allegedly preferred calling it being “in the family way.”

Kate’s latest row of rebellion hinted at a new era for monarchy that is not tied down by archaic rules and conventional practices.