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King Charles empowers Prince Harry, Meghan Markle even after royal exit

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle still hold some legitimacy after King Charles' decision

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October 01, 2023

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King Charles was called out for his 'terrible mistake' as the monarch granted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s kids royal titles.

Speaking to Express US, royal author Tom Bower claimed that King Charles should have not given the little ones the royal titles, after debate sparked over Prince Harry and Meghan’s exit from the royal family.

He argued that because the Duke and Duchess of Sussex refused to perform their official royal duties, they should have been cut off and by extension not give the children the titles.

Bower added that Prince Harry should not have been invited to the Coronation but rather, the monarchy should have taken the couple's actions into account and give them the boot. 

"Harry and Meghan have undermined the monarchy and Charles has made a terrible mistake. He should have cut them off straight away. He should never have allowed their children to be made a prince and princess.”