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Taylor Swift or Travis Kelce: Who is the biggest red flag?

Taylor Swift posses red flag for Travis Kelce

By Web Desk
September 30, 2023

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are in their honeymoon era of romance and enjoying budding love but considering both partners' dating history, the two impose equal risk of being a red flag for each other.

Fans are giddy over the 33-year-old hitmaker's new reported relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce as she gets ready for the premiere of the concert movie The Eras Tour next month.

A game at Arrowhead Stadium last weekend after reports that she and Travis were "quietly hanging out" caused things to heat up even further.

Inbaal Honigman, tarot card reader, celebrity psychic and body language expert, used her psychic powers to do extensive reading, and she chose the 9 of Cups card to represent Taylor's connection with Travis. 

She added that this card is renowned for its cheerfulness and further explained: "It's a Tarot card from the suit of Cups, which are the love and relationship cards, and it shows that at the moment, her heart is full. She's feeling accepted and loved in the relationship. The card tells us that Taylor feels emotionally fulfilled with her new beau."

In the meantime, Inbaal chose the 4 of Discs, often known as Power, for his connection to Taylor. 

She noted: "It's a Tarot card from the suit of Disks, also known as Pentacles, which are the practical cards that talk of money and career, and it shows that at the moment, Travis feels safe and secure. He feels that his relationship is steady and has great potential for the future. The card tells us that Travis enjoys the stability of his relationship with the hitmaker."

"It shows that both partners are very faithful and they have similar goals in life," Inbaal continued, revealing that, "The only worry is, that if Taylor enjoys being a Hermit with her partner, she may leave it a long while before her next tour."