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Paris Jackson slams trolls for calling her ‘old and haggard’ in latest video

Paris Jackson was age-shamed after she posted a video from Paris Fashion Week on social media

By Web Desk
September 30, 2023

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Paris Jackson clapped back at critics for calling her ‘old and haggard’ in a new makeup-free video on Instagram. 

The 25-year-old model received hurtful comments on her glamorous look at the Christian Louboutin ‘Rouge Stiletto’ Beauty Event during Paris Fashion Week.

The daughter of music icon, late Michael Jackson, addressed the online criticism by flaunting her no makeup look.

In her latest Instagram video, Paris penned a note while expressing her frustration about the unnecessary hate she has been receiving online.  

"This is no filter, no makeup and regular lighting for the people that wrote really s***** comments about how old and haggard I look in my last video, I am literally 25. Just young and haggard, thank you very much," she wrote.

Earlier, the singer confessed that people used to send her hate messages if she didn’t post a birthday wish for her late father, Michael Jackson.

In a sweet tribute video for Smooth Criminal singer, Paris explained how she deals with online negativity. 

"There have been times where I don’t post anything for my dad’s birthday, and people lose their f****** minds. They tell me to kill myself," she revealed. 

"And they’re basically measuring my love for my own father based off of what I post on Instagram," Paris further added.  

Paris shared that her father used to hate if anybody acknowledged his birthday.

"He actually didn’t want us to even know when his birthday was because he didn’t want us to throw a party," She continued.