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King Charles wants to ‘sort things’ with Prince Harry despite major snub

Prince Harry makes a major demand from King Charles amid possible reconciliation

By Web Desk
September 29, 2023

Prince Harry’s chances to reconcile with his estranged father King Charles and return to the Royal Family seem optimistic but with a catch.

The Duke of Sussex had demanded his father apologise to him before any return amid the public attacks he has made in the Netflix documentary, Harry & Meghan and especially in the explosive memoir, Spare.

According to a friend of the monarch, Charles has no intention to accept Harry’s request for an apology.

In an interview with Daily Beast, the friend shared that the King “knows the Windsors are a stubborn lot and Harry is no exception. The quid-pro-quo is, can Harry accept that he won’t be getting an apology either?”

King Charles wants to ‘sort things’ with Prince Harry despite major snub

Earlier this month, Prince Harry was refused to stay at the Windsor Castle when he came to make his speech at the Well-Child Awards, which coincided with his grandmother’s first anniversary. However, the Duke has been asked to inform in advance for any future stays.

“The Harry issue doesn’t have to be sorted out immediately but it will be sorted out eventually,” the King’s friend told the outlet.

“Charles loves Harry but his priority is to fulfil his duty as king and not let his mother down. That means constitutional considerations have to come first.”

Prince Harry, who is the fifth in line to the throne, stepped down as a working member of the Royal Family in 2020.