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King Charles set to take major step to reshape his garden

King Charles begins to implement his mission of slimming down and modernizing the monarchy

By Web Desk
September 28, 2023

King Charles III has reportedly decided to implement his mission of slimming down and modernizing the monarchy.

The King's former royal butler Grant Harrold has claimed: "There’s lots of changes in the gardens, King Charles is famously a gardener and loves his gardens."

The butler's comments suggest as the monarch has made his mind up to reshape his garden. 

Harrold, who served Charles for several years, shared his knowledge about the monarch's expected move, claiming the 74-year-old will be putting his signature "twist" on traditions.

Prince William and Harry's father revealed his desire for a slimmed-down monarchy soon after taking the throne last September following his mother Queen Elizabeth's death, and he’s also looking to make some changes to several aspects of his royal residences.

The King, according to a new report, could assign big responsibilities to Prince Andrew's daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

There are also speculations that he will soon decide about Prince Harry and Andrew's role in the royal family.

King Charles has recently denied his estranged son Harry to stay in Windsor Castle. He also appeared giving more importance to the working royals, like his brother Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh.

Royal family's official social media accounts are sharing every details of the couple's royal engagements.

In the latest post, the royal family shared the details of Edward's Turkey visit, stating: "The Duke of Edinburgh has been in Turkey this week, meeting young people taking part in the programme, which has over 8,000 participants across 34 provinces."

It added: "HRH visited Istanbul and Ankara, undertaking engagements celebrating the best of Turkey and the UK."