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Jennifer Aniston reveals ‘story’ behind ‘profound’ haircare line name

Jennifer Aniston's haircare line brand is named as LolaVie

By Web Desk
September 28, 2023
Jennifer Aniston reveals ‘story’ behind ‘profound’ haircare line name
Jennifer Aniston reveals ‘story’ behind ‘profound’ haircare line name 

Jennifer Aniston has a “profound” story behind her hair care brand name, rooting to her childhood.

The Friends star is presently busy in endorsing her hair brand, LolaVie, and talked about the reason behind the meaningful name. Aniston confessed that brand name is simply an old-school nickname she was given when she moved to California.

She said: “I wish there was a story with some profound meaning behind it, but Lola was actually the name of my first car when I moved to California.”

Further The Morning Show star has opened up to CR Fashion Book and added: “Lola became a nickname for me, and when it came time to find a name for my company it felt like the perfect name for my haircare line.”

The actress continued by describing the rigorous testing that goes into each product in her line, noting that she enlisted the help of friends, colleagues, and family members to make sure the final product was the best it could be.

“We’ve always prioritised testing each product on a variety of hair types,” she said, adding: “so I keep that in mind when I’m giving out samples. I’m happy to say that everyone has been very honest with their feedback.”

The Murder Mystery star shared the photos on Instagram, where she received a lot of positive feedback from her followers. Aniston dubbed the photoshoot a “dream come true,” as she donned daring outfit.