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Shakira hit with 2nd Spain tax evasion

Shakira faced her first tax evasion charges by the Spain government in 2019

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September 28, 2023
Shakira hit with 2nd Spain tax evasion
Shakira hit with 2nd Spain tax evasion

Shakira faces new legal battles over alleged tax crimes.

The well-known Colombian singer is now facing accusations from Spanish authorities for the second time following an earlier charge from 2019 that has further complicated her financial and legal situation.

This most recent development puts Shakira's reputation both personally and professionally under tremendous examination as fans around the world voice their worries.

The Hips Don't Lie diva was accused of tax evasion in Spain, where she lived with her then-partner, footballer Gerard Piqué of FC Barcelona, and their two kids, in 2019.

Shakira allegedly evaded paying significant taxes between 2012 and 2014 by falsely claiming residency in the Bahamas, according to the Spanish Tax Office.

This sparked an extensive investigation into her financial dealings, damaging her reputation and putting her funds under close scrutiny.

Just over two years later, the Colombian singer is once again implicated.

This time, Spanish officials believe that she defrauded the country of approximately €14.5 million ($17.2 million) in taxes between 2015 and 2018.

Shakira is accused of hiding her residency in Spain during this time despite spending a lot of time there as shown by her numerous public appearances, performances, and social media posts.

In a prompt response to the fresh accusations, Shakira's legal team insisted that she was innocent and that she had always complied with Spanish tax laws.

Her defense claimed that during the 2019 investigation, her residency status had been made clear, which is why no official charges were brought.

However, the perseverance with which the Spanish Tax Office is pursuing the matter suggests that there is a disagreement that must be resolved in court.