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King Charles lavished praise for handling 'humiliating' Prince Harry

King Charles was praised for the way he handed Prince Harry's public scrutiny of the royal family

By Web Desk
September 27, 2023

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King Charles was lauded for his ability to handle his son Prince Harry in the first year of his reign as monarch.

Royal author Gareth Russell spoke to GB News and opined how the monarch’s popularity did not take a hit despite the scathing actions of his youngest son.

Russell claimed: “I think the King has done extremely well. The opinion polls all indicate fairly consistent public support for him and the monarchy.

“He came into a very difficult position in that he was succeeding, not just the longest serving monarch in British history, but also one of, if not the most popular.

“So that was always going to be a difficult act to follow.

“I also think there were many people who had been predicting, based on his divorce from his first wife, that he would be an unpopular or disastrous King.

“So there were factors stacked against him. And then in the short term, of course, there was the very public, and at the time quite humiliating fallout with his second son.

“A globally televised interview (that was before he became King) and then within a month of becoming King he had to deal with the Netflix documentary and the memoir, both of which I have to say were not particularly harsh on him.

“I think that's important to note. They were they were far more scathing in their treatment of the monarchy itself, and also his eldest son, Prince William."

“But nonetheless, it did make it very difficult for him.