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Prince Harry 'world's least happy millionaire' after King Charles' snub

King Charles is praised for tough love towards Prince Harry after denying him stay at Windsor Castle

By Web Desk
September 26, 2023

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Prince Harry is being mocked for reaping the consequences of his betrayal towards the Royal Family.

Speaking on his titular show, GB News host Mark Dolan celebrated the Duke of Sussex’s snub by his father King Charles, after he was denied the right to stay at Windsor Castle during his latest visit to the UK.

“Prince Harry, the world's least happy millionaire, has even more to be miserable about this week,” sneered the veteran British journalist.

“The prodigal Prince is now homeless Harry after he was denied a room at Windsor Castle, having failed to give palace officials enough notice that he'd be turning up.”

Mr. Dolan noted that the father of two, who “gave his family the finger” a long time ago, is paying the price for “needlessly wreaking so much damage” to the legacy of British monarchy.

He also appreciated King Charles for giving “tough love” to his youngest son with his latest move.

It was reported last week that Harry was denied permission to stay at Windsor Castle when he was in London for a charity event earlier this month.

Buckingham Palace instructed the Duke to put in a “formal request” days prior, if he is looking for accommodation at the Castle or wants to see the King.

"The next time Harry is in the UK he'll have to get an en suite at a Holiday Inn or Travelodge on tripadvisor or," Mr Dolan said.