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'Soaked' William, Kate turn up at George's school to watch him play football

Prince William and Kate Middleton cheered on their eldest son Prince George as he slayed his school ground

By Web Desk
September 25, 2023

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Prince William and Kate Middleton recently reunited to watch their eldest son Prince George play football.

The Prince and Princess of Wales were hailed for blending in among other parents with their casual attires, as they cheered on the future heir to the throne slay the school ground.

Known for her regal fashion choices, Kate covered her top with a khaki-green rain jacket, pairing it with flared jeans, bulky scarf, and white trainers.

Meanwhile, the future King was photographed sporting a navy jacket with jeans and a matching baseball cap.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, fans heaped praise for the loved-up parents, writing, "I love them as just normal people, parents out on a rainy day. Love it!"

One of the fans also pointed out the Prince and Princess’s “soaked” appearance, noting that the duo still managed to look fabulous.

“They probably hate that they're being photographed, but I appreciate seeing them being regular parents yet still beautiful. Just nice. Them. Goals,” they added.

"Been there done that, so glad they and their children get to enjoy the ‘normal’ everyday things, like getting soaked at the side of a pitch,” affirmed a third.