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Taylor Swift tries to impress Travis Kelce with hefty gesture after NFL win

Taylor Swift treated Travis Kelce with an extra-intimate meal following his team’s historic victory

By Web Desk
September 25, 2023

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Taylor Swift treated her rumored beau Travis Kelce with an extra-intimate meal following his team’s historic victory over the weekend.

The Grammy winner took the NFL player to a restaurant, where she paid for everybody’s meal so they would leave the place for the two of them.

A username who goes by name 1989 Vinyl on TikTok, posted a video, claiming her friend witnessed the “couple” at an unnamed restaurant after they drove away from the venue of the Sunday match.

“I just got a call from a friend and Taylor is going to a place,” she exclaimed, “and she just paid for everybody at the restaurant so that they would leave...”

The fan, whose name is Molly, went on to explain that her friend and rest of the diners were enjoying their meals when a waitress came up and informed them of the situation.

“They were eating and the waitress came up and said, ‘Here’s the deal, everything is paid for but you have to have to leave, like right now.’ How freaking insane is this! Oh and of course, she’s with Travis Kelce.”

Fans responded to the ordeal with their bittersweet opinions, with one predicting a prospective headline for a future scoop story.

“imagine being someone who lives in kansas city and this happens to you. It’s the only story you tell for the rest of your life...,” they expressed.

“The local paper is doing a story and gives you multiple quotes. there’s a ‘Taylor swift kicked me out of a restaurant’ reunion in 5 years,” the user added.

Swift seemingly confirmed her romance with the 33-year-old athlete as she attended the match between Kansas City Chiefs and Chicago Bears over the weekend.

The Lover singer kicked back with Kelce’s mother and the rest of his family at their suite.