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Russell Brand openly admitted to ‘groping’ female classmates in 2010 memoir

Russell Brand’s memoir revealed he ‘groped’ his female classmates 13 years before sexual assault allegations surfaced

By Web Desk
September 24, 2023
Russell Brand admitted to ‘groping’ female classmates in 2010 memoir
Russell Brand admitted to ‘groping’ female classmates in 2010 memoir

As Russell Brand continues to deny the fresh waves of sexual assault allegations washing over him, his 2007 memoir betray telling insights into his past.

Brand’s former Italia Conti Performing Arts class fellow accused him of “groping” his female schoolmates under a “cloak of love”, marking the latest in a series of allegations following a bombshell expose.

Notably, Brand, 48, openly admitted to this behaviour in his 2010 memoir entitled My Booky Wook.

The English comedian reflected on how being in an almost all-girls school, which he described as an “upturn in [his] sexual economy,” made him develop his “cloak of love identity.”

The cloak of love would help Brand “veil [his] true intentions” as he grabbed them under the coat.

In a 2010 interview with Elle about his memoir, Brand admitted that “probably two or three women a day” would be victim to these inappropriate advances at the school, at which he enrolled in 1991.

However, after just a year, the Forgetting Sarah Marshall actor was later expelled from the prestigious school for violating the code of conduct, which reportedly involved drug use and truancy, according to Mirror.

This newest revelation comes on the heels of recent accusations by several women, alleging rape, sexual assault, and controlling behaviour over a seven-year period at the peak of Brand’s fame.

The school in question has since urged former students to share any reports of misconduct by Brand.