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Prince William to end feud with Prince Harry for the sake of his crown?

Prince Harry and Prince William have been showing signs that they may be able to bury the hatchet

By Web Desk
September 23, 2023

Prince William may need his brother Prince Harry, despite their ongoing royal rift, to aid in running the monarchy when he takes the throne.

King Charles and Princess Diana’s two sons have been estranged given their bitter feud that bubbled up over the course of few years. Most recently, Harry has delivered a string of blows of his family through his explosive memoir, Spare.

Now, William and Harry have been estranged to the point of no contact with each. Back in May, when Harry attended the Coronation of Charles, William did not even turn around for a glance at his only sibling.

However, expert Judi James opined to The Mirror US that the brothers are quite similar in their mannerisms despite their contrasting personalities.

Charles and his two sons are often seen touching their suit jackets while out and about. James shared that while William was in the U.S. and Harry was in Germany, they both had a similar way of finding comfort with a simple gesture.

James noted the two share “the self-comfort, self-protective barrier ritual of placing one hand on the waist when they feel anxious or under pressure.”

She added, “Harry was seen fiddling with his jacket button in Germany and William can be seen touching his clothing in the same ritual in the US.”

Moreover, she alluded that William’s body language saw him lacking while Harry took on being the “spotlight royal.”

Prince Harry had the body language of a celebrity “waving, hugging, storming out on the stage, he was very much a ‘spotlight royal’ and his charisma style was what is described simply as ‘Here I am!’ as he brought some magic to the games via his presence.”

Meanwhile, William approach in the US is what is called “’There you are!’ charisma that is less celebrity and more about turning the people he meets into the stars.”

However, now that there aren’t many working royals in the family, once William ascends to the throne, there’s a chance that the Wales children would still be very young. Moreover, there won't be any immediate working royal, who is not a senior citizen.

Hence, to carry out the royal engagements, William may have to seek the help of his brother, albeit begrudgingly, and possibly Meghan Markle.