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Joe Jonas disappointed with Sophie Turner effort to portray him ‘horrible father'

Turner is pursuing legal action against her ex in an attempt to relocate their daughters

By Web Desk
September 23, 2023

Joe Jonas is seething with anger over his ex, Sophie Turner, and finds it 'appalling' that she's portraying him as a 'neglectful father' while casting their children as 'victims,' as exclusively revealed by 

The unraveling of the couple's separation has taken a more contentious turn since the 34-year-old singer initiated divorce proceedings against the 27-year-old mother of their two children in Miami, Florida earlier this month. 

It has now emerged, based on court documents, that Turner is pursuing legal action against her ex in an attempt to relocate their daughters, aged three and one, to her homeland in the UK.

She also accused him of withholding their children's passports and refusing to let them travel to see her - before Jonas issued a sensational rebuttal.

Sources have since told that he is 'frustrated' that the separation is turning into a 'nasty mess' following their four years of marriage

Speaking exclusively to, a source said: 'Joe is livid with the latest coming from Sophie, making him look like a horrible father.

'It is disgusting in his eyes what she has chosen to do.

'This is only going to be the start of stuff getting messier and messier and messier.

'Joe thought they were moving in a forward direction with the divorce and finding a way to co-parent but now it is just a nasty mess, and the latest lawsuit threw any type of positivity all off course.'

The source continued: 'With the divorce, Joe is also trying to steer his commitments with the Jonas Brothers tour and just get to the other side.

'Frustration is the emotion running through him right now and it doesn't seem like that will be changing anytime soon.'

A second source added that Joe is unhappy with how his children have been dragged into his and Sophie's very public divorce battle - while claiming that the singer believes the Game of Thrones star's recent outings with his other ex, Taylor Swift, have been staged.

'The kids are the victims,' the other insider shared.

'Sophie and Taylor are not close. Joe took Sophie to a show of Taylor's, and it wasn't even comped. Again, he is who filed for divorce. Read between the lines.'

They concluded: 'Joe wants to take the high road and have an amicable resolution.