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Kareena Kapoor takes a subtle dig at male-centric films: 'Men don't like to share'

Kareena Kapoor believes women feel more comfortable working with each other than men

By Web Desk
September 22, 2023
Kareena Kapoor thinks male-centric films are mainly about them
Kareena Kapoor thinks male-centric films are mainly about them

Kareena Kapoor who is receiving praise for her performance in her Netflix debut film, Jaane Jaan, has offered insights into why women feel comfortable working with each other compared to men.

In conversation with Film Companion, the Bollywood diva has opened up about the biasness shown towards women in male-centric films. 

She said, "Men, I think, they kind of always think about themselves. Women have this quality in which they think about the other person." 

The 43-year-old firmly believes that 'male-centric movies' are mainly about them. 

"In a male-centric film, sometimes it's also mainly about them. Maybe they don't like to share and women do," added the actress. 

During the interview, the Jab We Met actress shared her experience of working in her upcoming women-centric film, The Crew, starring Kriti Sanon and Tabu. 

The actress revealed that the trio is working as a team, saying, "We're always thinking about each other…It's more like discussing, we're not really trying to be one up on each other."

The mother-of-two shared that the cast and crew members of the film are working as one team, expressing her high hopes for it's success. 

"We want the film to work because when the film works with three women in it, I think it says a lot. So that's what we're working as a team, which I like," the actress shared. 

Produced by Rhea Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor, The Crew will reportedly release on March 22, 2024.