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Nicki Minaj reveals recording of anonymous caller reporting false claims to CPS about her family

Nicki Minaj accuses unknown caller of falsely reporting her family to CPS, demands answers

By Web Desk
September 22, 2023

Nicki Minaj recently took to her Instagram account to share an alleged audio recording of an anonymous call made to Child Protective Services (CPS) regarding an incident involving her family. 

The recording, which surfaced on Thursday, features an unidentified caller expressing concerns about a man who appeared to be holding her child, suggesting he might be under the influence of alcohol.

The female caller reported hearing Nicki Minaj repeatedly urging the man to put down the child, expressing uncertainty about whether he intended to leave with the toddler. 

Additionally, the caller claimed that despite the celebrity's residence in a gated community, the man in question was allegedly armed with a shotgun. 

The recording did not mention Nicki Minaj or her husband, Kenneth Petty, by name.

This disturbing incident follows a previous occurrence in June, when law enforcement officers from the LA Sheriff's Department conducted a search of Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty's home after receiving a report of potential abuse involving their three-year-old son. 

After a thorough examination, authorities determined the child to be safe.

Nicki Minaj has kept her son out of the public eye and has yet to reveal his name.