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King Charles, Queen Camilla come under fire in Paris

'Tourist attraction' King Charles and Camilla's trip irks French communist party

By Web Desk
September 21, 2023
King Charles, Queen Camilla come under fire in Paris

King Charles and Queen Camilla, who are on three-day historic trip to France, have been branded 'tourist attraction' by French communist Party.

The British royals have come under fire for their recent state visit to France. Camilla and Charles have seemingly failed to impress all political parties in France.

The visiting royal dignitaries have been branded a "tourist attraction" by French communist party Lutte Ouvrière's spokesperson, Nathalie Arthaud, asking: "What's the use of Charles III and Camilla? Apart from fueling tabloids and serving as a tourist attraction?"

The former candidate in the presidential election also appeared slamming the glittering state banquet held at Versailles on Wednesday night, tweeting: "They will discuss the end of the world while watching fighter planes burn a few tons of fuel. And this evening at the Versailles banquet, feasted by star chefs and served by butlers, they will talk about the hard trials that humanity is going through."

King Charles and his wife Camilla arrived in Paris on Wednesday for the start of their three-day state visit. They've been making stops all around Paris. The two are set to head to Bordeaux for their final day.

This is a rescheduled trip from March, with The King and Queen having to cancel their original planned visit amid violent pension reform protests across the country.