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Kate Middleton will alter Queen role with ‘informal’ approach

Kate Middleton will assume the role of a Queen Consort after Prince William becomes King in the future

By Web Desk
September 20, 2023

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Kate Middleton is advised to follow into the footsteps of the late Queen Elizabeth II when she finally assumes the role of a Queen alongside Prince William in the future.

Speaking to OK!, royal expert Jennie Bond dished on the Princess of Wales’s traits that make her an apt candidate for the future authoritarian role, claiming, "Catherine is becoming more assured and confident as every year goes by, and I think she is now very much her own woman.

"However, she would be crazy to ignore the example of a Queen who was so accomplished, so wise and experienced in what is a unique - and probably quite lonely - role."

Bond went to explain that the mom of three will subconsciously draw from the late Queen’s many qualities as a monarch, including “dignity, discretion and dedication.”

However, she noted Kate will “add her own mix of informality when appropriate,” in a nod to her life as a normal person before she married Prince William.

"Catherine has already shown that she is very relatable, and of course she has had an entirely different upbringing to that of the late Queen and is perfectly aware of what a 'normal' life is like. And that will stand her in good stead,” the BBC royal correspondent explained.