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Katy Perry and Dannii Minogue's previous warnings about Russell Brand resurface amid controversies

Katy Perry describes Russell Brand as 'Very Controlling' during their marriage

By Web Desk
September 19, 2023
Dannii Minogue recalls Russell Brands persistence, Saying he Wouldnt Take No for an Answer.
Dannii Minogue recalls Russell Brand's persistence, Saying he 'Wouldn't Take No for an Answer.'

Comments made by prominent women, including his ex-wife Katy Perry, have resurfaced following allegations of rape, sexal assaults, and emotional abuse against comedian Russell Brand. 

Katy Perry's past remarks about Russell Brand have resurfaced, revealed her perspective of his behavior as "very controlling." 

While discussing their former relationship in a Vogue interview from 2013, Perry alluded to a "real truth" about Brand that she chose not to disclose, stating that she had kept it locked away for a future time.

One such comment comes from pop star Dannii Minogue, who, in 2006, referred to Brand as a "vile predator" while recounting her appearance on his MTV chat show, 1 Leicester Square. 

The Australian singer, during her promotion of the album The Hits & Beyond, expressed her views to The Mirror, stating that Russell Brand's behavior was characterized by recklessness and persistence, adding that he "wouldn't take no for an answer."

"He's evidently quite intelligent, but he seems to wear more makeup than even I do.

Typically, I'm drawn to men who can pull off eyeliner and find it rather attractive, but in Russell's case, it's a definite no. He's just not my type at all."

"Throughout the entire interview, he consistently made shocking comments that were beyond what I would even dare to repeat. Merely uttering those words would make me blush."