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Russell Brand's disturbing video clips emerge targeting women in assault-related scenarios

Russell Brand under fire as video evidence surfaces of alleged assaults

By Web Desk
September 19, 2023
Some clips of Russell Brand unveiled.
Some clips of Russell Brand unveiled. 

Russell Brands's recently surfaced video clips show him engaging in uncomfortable and concerning conversations, including jokes about sexual assault.

In these clips, Brand is seen in interviews that have raised eyebrows due to his interactions with women and children. 

Additionally, there is a compilation of instances where he appears to sexually harass reporters during interviews.

These revelations have sparked a wave of discomfort and concern surrounding the comedian and actor. 

An exclusive video was uncovered by Daily Mail that got deleted video from YouTube in the past 24 hours, featuring Russell Brand making an inappropriate and offensive joke about a serious subject. 

The interview in question was also removed from Soundcloud as a growing scandal surrounds the comedian. Brand has vehemently denied allegations of abusing women.

During the 2013 interview on Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast, Russell Brand, known for his acerbic and highly sexualized comedic style, discussed his background, describing himself as a 'mundane bloke' hailing from a single-parent family who evolved into a 'pretty comprehensive show-off' over the years.