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‘Oppenheimer’, Christopher Nolan’s drama-thriller crosses $900 Million at Worldwide Box Office

‘Oppenheimer’, the R-rated historical drama has been climbing the box office since release in July

By Web Desk
September 18, 2023
‘Oppenheimer’ crosses $900 Million at Worldwide Box Office
‘Oppenheimer’ crosses $900 Million at Worldwide Box Office

Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan’s historical drama-thriller surpasses $900 Million in sales of global tickets.

The R-rated historical drama made $12.8 million more worldwide during the weekend, including $2.1 million from domestic sales and $10.7 million from foreign markets.

Oppenheimer has made an astounding $910 million film box office revenue after nine weeks of release, with $318 million coming from North American cinemas and $594 million coming from other countries.

Paul Dergarabedian, a senior ComScore analyst says “For Oppenheimer to cross the $900 million global mark after just nine weeks in theatres is a remarkable achievement.”

“It shows how an amazing film with a superstar director and a star-studded cast can turn a three-hour historical epic into a blockbuster mainstream hit,” he added.

Behind Barbie ($1.41 billion) and The Super Mario Bros. Movie ($1.36 billion), Oppenheimer, starring Cillian Murphy as the alleged "father of the atomic bomb," continues to exceed expectations.

The $1 billion goal is not impossible to reach at this rate, but it would necessitate Oppenheimer playing in theatres for a number of additional weeks.