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Prince William fuming over Prince Harry's private meeting with NATO chiefs

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had a private meeting with NATO chief in Germany earlier this week

By Web Desk
September 17, 2023

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Prince William is reportedly upset at Prince Harry's decision to meet with NATO execs while he gears up for his trip to the United Nations in New York in the coming days.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were reported to have had a private meeting with the NATO chiefs after they were photographed standing with them and their families on one of the days of the Invictus Games earlier this week.

Meanwhile, the Prince of Wales is set to launch his $50 million Earthshot Prize and make a big speech at the United Nations on his visit to the United States next week.

Royal expert Nick Ede claimed, “Harry and Meghan know that this is a really good time to shine their lights on both the lnvictus Games but other power players too."

"There will always be a power play between the two brothers and their wives as they are the most famous pairs on the planet so all eyes will be on them," he continued, in a conversation with the Daily Mail.

"With William meeting the UN chiefs next week the brothers have covered some of the most important and powerful people on the planet.

"For both of them this is positive PR but also inevitably raise eyebrows as to where they will be going next,” Ede added.