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Meghan Markle deals major blow as Prince Harry wraps up Invictus Games 2023

Prince Harry made a heartwarming speech at the closing ceremony of Invictus Games 2023

By Web Desk
September 17, 2023

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Prince Harry failed to mention his wife Meghan Markle during his speech at the Closing Ceremony of the 2023 Invictus Games in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The Duke of Sussex successfully wrapped up the annual game event for disabled veterans on Saturday, Sept. 16, alongside Markle, who joined him on the third day of the competition.

During the close ceremony, Harry took to the stage to address the audience for one last time before the pair make their way back to the States.

His speech was filled with reverance and compassion for the participants, prompting him to move to tears due to overwhelming emotions.

"As you have seen and experienced, this week is so much more than a sporting event. It is a platform for positive change. We hope you too are feeling it deeply. I am sure, you’re all physically exhausted, but I also hope you are mentally stronger than when you arrived," shared the Prince.

During his lengthy speech, Harry made no mention of the Suits alum, contrary to the prediction of PR expert Mayah Riaz.

In a conversation with The Mirror, Riaz previously claimed, "He is very likely to acknowledge Meghan, especially as she is by his side. However, the focus of his speech will remain on celebrating the achievements and resilience of the athletes."