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Prince Harry wants 'no-fuss' birthday as Duke turns 39

Prince Harry marked his 39th birthday with a low-key celebration

By Web Desk
September 15, 2023

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Prince Harry has seemingly decided on a ‘low-key’ birthday celebration as the Duke of Sussex was seen marking his 39th birthday with a night out in Germany.

Body language expert Judi James told The Mirror that the Duke of Sussex seemed ‘bashful’ in recent photos were he posed with staff at an eatery.

Judging on the photos, the expert noted that his pose gave away the Duke's demeanor for his birthday, elaborating that he wants to celebrate with minimal pomp. 

"After a day spent canoodling his wife, Harry's birthday boy pose here makes him look a little more bashful as he lines up for a group shot in the restaurant," she said.

"There are two clear sides to Harry here: there’s the rather macho, raised hand, clamping shake that he’s performing with a man who presumably owns the restaurant, and then the loving arm that he has placed around his wife’s back."

"His smile is more low-key than his smiles in the stadium, with no display of teeth, suggesting he was a ‘no fuss please’ birthday boy," the expert said.

Speaking about Meghan's demeanour, the expert noted that she appeared to be confident alongside her husband. 

"Meghan looks more confident though, standing slightly in front with a dazzling social smile while Harry tucks in more behind her."

"After a day of hugging and some very emphatic PDAs, the couple’s leg positioning suggests they’re keeping the touch ratio up. Both have bent their inner legs so that they seem to be pressed together here," she explained.