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Madonna ‘taking at slower pace’ after Beyonce surpasses highest-grossing female tour score

Madonna incorporates boxing and yoga to help recovery from health scare, source

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September 02, 2023

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Madonna has reportedly been taking things at a “slower pace” after recovering from major health scare back in June.

The pop icon had to postpone her Celebration Tour after she was hospitalised for acute septic shock, however, media outlets reported that she officially “began her rehearsals two week ago”.

A source spilled to The Mirror on Saturday, “Madonna is taking things at slower pace and has taken up boxing lessons as well as yoga and weekly vitamin injections to aid recovery.”

It is also reported that Madonna started preparing for her upcoming tour after Beyoncé surpassed the former record for the highest grossing female tour, smashing figures of Madonna’s 2008 Sticky & Sweet with Renaissance shows.

So far, Madonna had held the record with over $407 million Sticky & Sweet Tour which ran for 85 dates from 2008 until 2009 whereas Beyoncé amassed over $435 million with Renaissance Tour.

Madonna ‘taking at slower pace’ after Beyonce surpasses highest-grossing female tour score

It is believed that Madonna and Beyoncé's records could be surpassed by Taylor Swift who started her Era's Tour in March, with 146 shows across five continents and would end up in November 2024 in Vancouver.

Meanwhile, an insider also told The Sun, “Madonna is very much still in recovery but she has been chomping at the bit to get back to rehearsals.”

“Not only has she hired the Coliseum in New York but she's also hired out a second venue in London for the final week of dress rehearsals,” remarked the source.

The source added, “Normally she would like to have the final week in the same venue she kicks off in but due to Blink 182's comeback gigs at the O2 her team won't be able to get access until the day before.”