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Is Beyoncé pregnant with baby number 4?

Beyoncé drops major hints while performing during World tour

By Web Desk
August 31, 2023

Beyoncé drops major hints to her fans that she might be expecting her fourth child, as fans anticipate a re-enactment of her memorable 2011 MTV Video Music Awards moment.

During her current Renaissance World Tour, the Beautiful Liar hitmaker seems to be hinting at her pregnancy.

Rumours of her pregnancy began to circulate after a fan posted a video of the singer on TikTok in which she could be seen dancing while concealing her stomach with a black hand fan.

The Crazy In Love songstress was wearing a sparkling golden body-fitted mini-dress with long sleeves and a high neckline, and her bump was partially visible, which drew the attention of onlookers.

The admirer who shared the video captioned it, "Beyoncé is pregnant."

Some performance photos were also published on X (previously Twitter), with one admirer questioning, "@beyonce, are you pregnant??"

In the comment section, another fan of the superstar agreed, writing, “I knew she was pregnant before that bump because she was sitting down during one of her performances.”

"Same as in her first pregnancy," she said, referring to her famous 2011 VMA moment when she announced she was having her first child, Blue Ivy, now 11 years old.

Although many social media users were unimpressed by the rumours, calling out those who spread them and pointing out the changes a woman goes through after the age of 40.

“I think she’s a woman over 40 who went thru two pregnancies and one of them were twins. stop investigating her body,” one fan commented.

Another responded, “Our bodies change especially during our period our bloating is insane, just let it be, posting about women's bodies especially isn't good.”

“You just make people feel uncomfortable and insecure,” the tweet added.