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Ana de Armas’ fans’ ‘Yesterday’ lawsuit DISMISSED by Judge

Ana de Armas’ fans’ demand legal action over studio's ‘fake advertisement’ of movie

By Web Desk
August 30, 2023

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Ana de Armas’ fans were highly disappointed about the star not appearing in the movie, which they only rented because they thought she was in it.

After Ana de Armas was cut from a movie despite appearing in the trailer, supporters of the actress filed a lawsuit, but a US judge dismissed it.

The Knives Out star cameoed in the 2019 film Yesterday's trailer, which Conor Woulfe and Peter Michael Rosza claimed to have paid $3.99 (£3.16) to rent.

However, they sued Universal Pictures for deceptive advertising when they discovered de Armas was absent from the film.

As a result of their "self-inflicted" activities, the judge dismissed their claim.

Himesh Patel, Lily James, and Ed Sheeran starred in Danny Boyle's Beatles-themed movie, which earned $155 million (£122 million) worldwide.

Prior to the movie's release, a trailer showed moments in which Patel's character and de Armas's character appeared to flirt on a talk show.

The actress was dropped from the film, according to screenwriter Richard Curtis, because test audiences did not appreciate the concept of Patel's character deviating from James, who played his principal love interest.

He described the decision as "very traumatic" in 2019 because de Armas was "brilliant" in the part.

However, Mr. Woulfe and Mr. Rosza asserted that Universal Pictures "deceived" them because they would not have rented the film if they had known de Armas would not appear.

In the lawsuit, which was brought as a class action on behalf of other disgruntled fans, the couple demanded at least $5 million (£3.9 million) from Universal.

They accused the studio of using "Ms De Armas's fame, radiance and brilliance to promote the film by including her scenes in the movie trailers advertising Yesterday".

The complainants claimed they had never before seen a trailer with an actor or actress who wasn't included in the movie being promoted.

Mr Woulfe claimed he had been duped twice after renting the film from Google Play, where de Armas was identified as a cast member. 

If it was a director's cut, Mr. Woulfe asserted that he thought de Armas might show up in that version.

However, the court determined that the complaint "lacks standing" to file a lawsuit because his "injury is self-inflicted".