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Shakira and Drake's late-night exit fuels romantic connection

Shakira and Drake leave same after-party in close succession

By Web Desk
August 14, 2023
Shakira and Drakes discreet after-party departure ignites dating rumors.
Shakira and Drake's discreet after-party departure ignites dating rumors.

Amidst the early morning hours on Sunday in West Hollywood, California, the joint departure of Shakira and Drake from the same after-party has ignited speculation about a potential romantic connection between the two artists. 

The discrete exit, following a night of revelry, has prompted rumors to swirl, even though the duo was not captured together in photographs.

A witness shared with Daily Mail that both stars left the event in close succession at approximately 3:25 a.m. 

While the exact nature of their interaction remains undisclosed, this occurrence has intrigued fans and observers alike.

She was adorned in a plunging orange tank top and form-fitting jeans, complemented by platform grey heels, a white purse, and her trademark voluminous honey-blonde waves.

In contrast, Drake donned cobalt blue jacket over a white t-shirt and distressed jeans. 

As he made his way to his car, the five-time Grammy winner was notably spotted carrying a glass of wine.

This development comes shortly after an insider's revelation about her connection with British race car driver Lewis Hamilton, asserting that their relationship has transcended the boundaries of friendship. 

Reports surfaced in a Catalan newspaper suggesting the advancement of their bond. The past months have witnessed Shakira, 46, and Hamilton, 38, sharing moments on a yacht with friends, attending the British Grand Prix, and frequenting nightclubs.

Journalist Jodi Martin ventured to clarify the nature of their association, characterizing it as a "beautiful friendship."