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Is Shannon Schaeffer in Netflix's 'Painkiller' a real individual?

Shannon's character takes dramatic turn in 'Painkiller' after OxyContin

By Web Desk
August 12, 2023
Shannon grapples with morality at Purdue Pharma, disappears from series.
Shannon grapples with morality at Purdue Pharma, disappears from series.

Shannon's character in Netflix's Painkiller is a composite representation of several individuals, who served as sales representatives for Purdue Pharma. 

Shannon in Painkiller serves as a conduit to illustrate the mechanics behind the widespread proliferation of OxyContin sales. 

The intention is to depict how the allure of financial gain was a driving force behind the expansion of OxyContin's influence, ultimately contributing to the opioid crisis. 

Her role involves persuading physicians to prescribe elevated dosages, which in turn would result in higher reimbursements from insurance companies. 

The character's actions, driven by profit motives, led to significant financial bonuses, with reported earnings of up to $30,000 within a single year. 

It's important to underscore that "Shannon Schaeffer" portrayed in the context of the series is a fictional construct, and no real counterpart by that name exists in reality.

Her character is depicted consuming OxyContin and inadvertently walking into a swimming pool, as reported by Netflix.

As the narrative reaches its climax in the final installment of Painkillers, she takes a crucial step by approaching U.S. Attorneys office investigator Edie Flowers. 

She collaborates with Flowers, expressing her willingness to contribute to the investigation targeting Purdue Pharma.

Subsequently, she undergoes a comprehensive interview conducted by Edie and her fellow colleagues.