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Where to watch ‘Red White & Royal Blue?’

‘Red White & Royal Blue’ is available to stream now on Amazon Prime Video

By Web Desk
August 11, 2023
Where to watch ‘Red White & Royal Blue?’
Where to watch ‘Red White & Royal Blue?’

Even though summer may be coming to an end, things on Amazon Prime Video are about to get quite hot. The eagerly anticipated Red, White & Royal Blue cinematic version of Casey McQuiston's gay romance novel will debut on Amazon's streaming service tomorrow (or tonight, if you're a truly devoted fan). 

The flirtatious movie centers on a top-secret romance involving two of the most famous young bachelors in the world: The prince of England and the son of the American president. The star-studded cast includes Uma Thurman (as the first female president of the United States!), Nicholas Galitzine from Cinderella (2021) and the upcoming raunchy comedy Bottoms, and Taylor Zakhar Perez from Kissing Booth 2 (and 3).

Where and when to stream Red White & Royal Blue?

The most anticipated romance novel adaptation will premiere on Prime Video on August 11.

Who is in Red, White & Royal Blue?

The steamy romance novel adaptation cast includes Taylor Zakhar Perez, Nicholas Galitzine and Uma Thurman star alongside Stephen Fry, Sarah Shahi, Rachel Hilson and more.

Is Red, White & Royal Blue a book adaptation?

Yes! The new Prime Video original film is a remake of the well-known Casey McQuiston romantic novel of the same name.